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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vacuum pressure switch?

These are designed to monitor and detect pressure changes in a vacuum in order to ensure its safe operation. Once the pressure reaches or surpasses the set pressure point in the system, the vacuum switch opens of closes the system’s electrical connection.

What is a vacuum switch used for?

This is an electronic or mechanical device, that controls the electrical supply to a vacuum system, as well as the pressure in the system, making it safe to operate.

Is a pressure switch the same as a vacuum switch?

A vacuum switch is a type of pressure switch.

A pressure switch measures pressure in a hydraulic or pneumatic system, ensuring they operate within specific (safe) pressure parameters.

Vacuum pressure switches, similarly, measure pressure changes in a vacuum. By controlling the electrical supply to the vacuum system, they ensure the system does not exceed safe pressure parameters.

How to you adjust a vacuum pressure switch?

This is done by adjusting the set point, or set screw.

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